Prometheus: Hale’s historic performance in points and three-pointers with AEK


Hunter Hale was the big star in Prometheus’ 100-95 win over AEK Betsson with his second 30+ double performance of the season. His performance in scoring with 32 points as well as that of six accurate three-pointers, have a historical extension for the data of Prometheus.

According to the ESAKE website:

*The American became the first in the history of Prometheus to score two “30s” in the Stoiximan Basket League, since he also had 32 in the premiere with PAOK mateco. In the course of the Achaean team in the division, Gian Clavel – he is the only one with a performance of 40+ points – Octavius ​​Ellis, Joe Young and Dimitris Agravanis each had a performance of 30+ points.

*In addition to his personal record-tying scoring performance, the American also tied the individual record for three-pointers on target as he went 6/12, following the 6/10 he “wrote” at the PAOK Sports Arena. He also became the first in Prometheus history to hit two 6+ three-pointers. Kiki Clarke, Haris Yiannopoulos – they share the record with seven – Muhammad Faye, Anthony Cowan and Cameron Reynolds each had one.

*Hale had 32 points and 30 ranking, a combination he reached in the premiere against PAOK mateco with 32 points and 35 ranking.

*The guard of Prometheus has two of the three performances of 30+ points in this year’s Stoiximan Basket League after only Efiondou Kampengele of AEK Betsson reached one in the previous matchday.

*Hale’s 32 points are also a new record for the games of the two teams in Patras since the previous one was that of Kino Colome’s 25 in the match of the regular season of the 2021-22 season. Until yesterday, the best performance by a Prometheus player was that of Conner Frankamp with 24 in the same game.

*Hale matched Anthony Cowan with five 20+ point performances while no other player has more than three, a tally shared by TJ Starks, Desmond Washington, Isaiah Briscoe and Justin Tillman.

*It was the 8th time in this year’s Stoiximan Basket League that a team had at least two players with performances of 20+ points and all three are from Prometheus. The team of Patras had such a combination in the match of the 5th game with Lavrio Megabolt and again with the duo Hale-Cowan, while of course the case of the 3rd game was special when it had four players with performances of 20+ points (Hunder Hale, Cameron Reynolds, Anthony Cowan, Jaime Etzenike).

Cowan and the 14 earned fouls after 14 years

Anthony Cowan added another “full” performance to his credit, of course having a leading role in the victory. The American reached a number of important achievements. Some of them are related to Prometheus’ historical path in the division, some to his own career in it but one is recorded in the historical lists of the Stoiximan Basket League…

*Cowan finished the game with 14 earned fouls which is not only the most in Prometheus history but is also the 27th 14+ total in the professional Championship years. It is the first time a player has earned 14 or more fouls in 14 years. To find the last person who had such a performance, we have to go back to May Day 2010 when Chris Monroe earned 15 fouls in PAOK’s game against Panhellenic.

Also for Anthony Cowan…

*With the 22 points he had yesterday, he reached 423 and “climbed” one place in the list of scorers of the Achaean team. He is now in 9th after surpassing Leonidas Kaselakis who had 422 in the two years 2018-20.

*Having made 12/17 shots, he reached 144 on target with Prometheus in the Stoiximan Basket League and is now in 2nd place on his all-time list. Cowan surpassed Mohamed Faye who had 133 and Jerai Grant who had 142 shots. In front of him is now only Dimitris Agravanis who had 209 accurate shots in the three years 2019-22.

*The American guard had 12/17 shooting, one week after his 16/21 performance against Aris Midea. He thus has the two highest performances of completed and accurate shots in the season.

*With his lone defensive rebound, Cowan moved into the Prometheus Top 20 in the Stoiximan Basket League. He reached 86 and left out of this list Milan Milosevic who had 85 in 2017-18.

*Among these achievements, one more was added to his career total in the Greek Championship. With his 22 points, he reached and surpassed 800 in his 59th appearance in it.

Papatheodorou passed Petalidis, “caught” Mila and Holeva

Elias Papatheodorou continues to “climb” the historical lists of coaches both in games and victories. Yesterday he celebrated their 120th victory on the benches of the category and surpassed the late Anestis Petalidis who had 119 but with 37 games less.

At the same time, the coach of Prometheus “caught” two other legends of the Greek benches in the 120 victories. Nikos Milas and Themis Holeva.

Even on an individual level…

*Jaime Etzenike, having 7/7 two-pointers, equaled the record of this year’s Stoiximan Basket League after Mustafa Fal achieved the same performance against Prometheus.

With his seven accurate two-pointers, the Colombian reached 47 and entered the Prometheus list’s top 30, leaving out Kendrick Ray and Joe Thomason who had 44 each.

2016-23: 3 “100s” – 2023-24: 4 “100s”

Prometheus confirmed the appeal it has in the attacking part of the game, especially at home, being the team with the best attack in the Championship…

*Through nine games, Prometheus has scored more 100s than it had in its first seven seasons in the Stoiximan Basket League after reaching four, the most of any team in the season.

*The 100 points are also a new record for the games of the two teams in Patras, since in the previous 11 none had exceeded 89.

*The two best offenses in the Championship so far, scoring 195 points in the game between them, also reached the third highest performance of the year. The record is held by the match between Promethea and Maroussi, which had 203 points (111-92), also without overtime, while 197, but with two overtimes, were scored in the premiere match between Kolossos H Hotels and Peristeriou bwin.

*Ilias Papatheodorou’s team performed with high percentages and even scored the second best two-point performance of the season. It had 73.33% (22/30), reaching very close to the record held by Olympiacos since the 7th matchday (73.52%). It was the second time this year that he exceeded 70% after completing 71.42% (25/35) in his match against Lavrio Megabolt.

*The hosts laid the foundation for victory in the first half, during which they scored 59 points. Prometheus now has four of six total 59+ point halftime performances in this year’s Stoiximan Basket League.

*Yesterday’s game was the first of 51 games so far this season in which no shutout was recorded. Prometheus remained unbeaten for the first time while AEK Betsson recorded their second clean sheet after the premiere match against Lavrio Megabolt.

Source: Sport Fm

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