Almeida: “The players give heart and soul – We won fairly”


The opinion that AEK managed to get a fair victory against Aris was expressed by Matias Almeida during the press conference. The coach of the Union, with his statements, emphasized that AEK showed two faces, he focused on the differences between this year’s first round and last year’s, while he also spoke about Levi Garcia ahead of the match with Agax.

Read everything Matias Almeida said at the press conference:

For the match and the points difference from the top after the end of the first round: “Going into the game we knew it would be difficult. Aris has changed about 15 players and is at a good level. We won rightfully. Mainly because a few days ago we had a European game where we played a big match, but the result was the opposite. It was important to win tonight.

As for the second half, we know we always have to win and always be close. We may plan how to counter and beat the opponent, but I never analyze positionally. From the beginning of January until the end we will have another 30 games or so. I don’t know how many matches we will have in January. Six, seven. Eight. The important thing is to be close to the battle for the championship. After last season and the championship, we have started talking to the players. From the preparation already, to have the same mentality. It seems we have it and we have to continue on the same path.”

Which AEK did he like best? The AEK of the first half or the second? “Considering the game was tough. I think we went in wanting to win it. After 1 year and six months of being here, the players know that I have to constantly make changes. I try to be clear, from the moment they sign and constantly what I tell them is that the group and the functioning of the group is important. To this day, since the day I’ve been here, that’s what they’ve been showing. And it’s not going to change. We may start the game well at times, then fall and then rise again. It makes sense for it to happen. With the changes we had 2-3 chances. This is important. I understand every player wants to play in the games. My system is different, it’s different. We have a lot of players who are out. All those who participate give their heart, I am satisfied that they also give their soul”.

If he schedules Garcia for the Ajax match? “From the next training, he will start to do normally. We will try to get him, when the time comes, to claim the chances he has with his other team-mates for a place. Before Ajax we have another game and it is an important game. We watch each match individually. First the next match and then the match against Ajax”.

Source: Sport Fm

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