The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoliarcic, who arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday, denounced the unbearable suffering of the population and called for a “political solution”.

In a video she sent to the media, the head of the ICRC calls for “the protection of civilians” in the face of the “moral failure” of the international community.

“The ICRC will do everything in its power to help alleviate suffering and reduce it, but we cannot do it alone. Moreover, the solution is not only a humanitarian one, it needs a political solution,” he stressed.

“We are facing a situation that will not be resolved by sending additional trucks” of humanitarian aid, Mirjana Spoliarcic said, stressing that the women, children and elderly she saw in Gaza “have nowhere to go.”

“I call on the (involved) sides and all those with influence to attempt a de-escalation and find non-military solutions to what is a very great pain for the populations on both sides,” he also said.