Panathinaikos AKTOR paid for mistakes and rebounds and submitted to the “lack” of Efes!


Lower than the circumstances in the City o Panathinaikos AKTOR!

The “greens” played against… half Effectsbut had a poor showing on both ends of the floor, falling to a 71-68 loss and falling to 6-6 in the standings Euroleaguemissing a great opportunity to get past a difficult home ground.

His team Ergin Ataman he started the match badly and found himself at -13 (34-21), but despite not showing a good face, he managed to get back into the match and take a lead 1:50 before the end (65-68). Tyreek Jones and Shane Larkinhowever, saved Efes, with the latter making three crucial shots (70-68) and the Dino Mitoglou to miss an equalizing free kick at the end. More generally, the many missed rebounds (19 offensive by Efes), combined with the 16 mistakes for just 14 assistsmade the “double” impossible.

Leader of the winners with unimaginable numbers o Jones, who scored 21 points and 13 rebounds, 7 of which were offensive! Big match for him too Shane Larkin, who scored 20 points, with these two “carrying” Efes to victory. Will Clyburn, Ande Zizic, Rodrigue Beaubois, Elijah Bryant, Timbor Plais and Derek Willis did not compete, but in the end their absence was not costly.

On the part of Panathinaikos AKTOR, the leader was Jerian Grant, with 12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals, not even making a mistake on a day where the “greens” did one thing after another. He had 13 points Matias Lessorbut lost the battle with Jones, while 13 points and 5 assists had Kendrick Nunnbut together with 6 errors.

The match

THE Nan scored the first points of the game from mid-range for 0-2, while Jones and Larkin replied for 7-2. Matias Lesor single-handedly provided a solution, but o Jones he was unstoppable and scored for 9-4. Shane Larkin hit a 3-pointer to make it 12-4, while Daum’s two shots built a double-digit lead for Ephesus (14-4). Slukas came off the bench and immediately scored from the corner to make it 14-7, though Gilmaz and Daum answered quickly for 18-7. Panathinaikos AKTOR stole and found a solution to the surprise with the Grigonis for 18-9, but Thompson made an easy layup for 20-9. Larkin with a very difficult foul goal made it 23-11. A shot by Lessor and a 3-pointer by Vildosa made it 23-15 in the first period.

By nailing it OtorouEphesus got back to +10 (25-15) to start the second quarter, while Thompson answered the Lessor for 27-17. Osmani with a three-pointer raised the difference for the first time to +13 in favor of Efes (30-17), with Grant scoring 4 consecutive points for 30-21. Ephesus responded in turn as Larkin and Gazi scored to make it 34-21, while Lessor made two shots to make it 34-23. THE Mitoglou with back-to-back points of his own cut it to 34-27, but Holatz made a 3-pointer to make it 37-27. The half ended with a score of 37-31 thanks to 4 straight points and an impressive buzzer beater by Nan.

With his three-pointer Sluka at the beginning of the second half, Panathinaikos AKTOR reduced to 38-34, while 4 consecutive points by Lessor brought the match into balance (38-38). THE Jones responded and scored consecutive points for 42-38, with Nan also making a personal run for 44-42. Mitoglou and Slukas made big long shots, putting the visitors ahead (46-48). Osmani with a three-pointer from the corner restored the lead of Efes (50-48). The third period ended with a score of 50-52 thanks to points from Grant and Grigonis.

With the beginning of the last period, Daum tied it at 52-52 with a reverse layup, but Grant responded with an improbable 3-pointer at the end of the offensive for 52-55. Larkin lay low, but Balcerowski made a foul field goal to make it 54-58. With an improbable three-pointer by Larkin, the Effects regained her lead (59-58), with Mitoglou giving it back to the greens through two shots (59-60). Lessor scored from close range and brought him on Panathinaikos ACTOR at +3 (59-62), with Thompson immediately reducing through a layup at the end of the attack (61-62) and Jones putting Efes ahead (63-62). Grant answered with a big three-pointer for 63-65, while the improbable Jones tied at 65-65 with shots. Kendrick Nunn in turn made a huge three-pointer to write 65-68, with Jones reducing it to 67-68. Larkin beat three shots from Grant and put them all in for 70-68, with Sluka making a bad pick and foul on the ensuing layup. After 1/2 shots by Thompson, Mitoglou had a free tying three-pointer at the end but missed, and the game ended 71-68.

The quarters: 23-15, 37-31, 50-52, 71-68

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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