Platha: “Satisfied, but we won’t open any champagne – Let’s create a culture at AEK”


Satisfied, but also… grounded with victory over Sassari and her qualification AEK Betsson BC in the “16” of the Basketball Champions League appeared in statements by Joan Plathawho commented on both tonight’s match and the course of the “Union” in the season.

What Joan Platha said in detail:

For the Sasari game: “We can be happy about 1st place, it was one of the goals we had set as a team. At this moment everything seems easy, but it is not so. We are a new team, with new players and a new coach. And it’s not easy. We got to this point because the players bought into the philosophy and the way I want to put them through.

We’re satisfied, but we’re not going to pop any champagne for… anything. We were just doing our job. We will try to finish the group as best we can, we are still learning. We will go to Germany, we will try to win there as well.

We found a team that had played 48 hours ago, they are suffering in Italy but I am sure they will finish higher in the league. They have a good coach and good players. We should be satisfied, but not quite. We made mistakes, which we would pay for in other matches. We didn’t foul well when we had to, ended periods with one foul and allowed 24 points in the 3rd period. We have to stay ambitious and “hungry” to play better, against better opponents”.

For AEK’s defense in the first half with Promethea and Sassari: “You can ask me what happened in the 3rd quarter as well. We have to understand that we are playing against 14 people, they appreciate their opponents better or worse. They respect them more or less. And it doesn’t matter if you shout like you’re selling fish in the market. What we are doing is to create a culture at AEK. To fight anywhere, regardless of the conditions.

We played badly against Prometheus, because they played very well. They played hard. It was a good lesson for us, honestly. In the technical part it is something we have to learn if we want to reach the semi-finals or the finals in Greece or to go far in the BCL. We must be strong. You don’t see me happy, they tell me I don’t smile. I’ll smile when I have to, not sooner.”

On whether it was the most entertaining match for the fans: “When people come here, we want to guarantee them that they will see good basketball, we will run, the Greeks will be important in the match, they will gain confidence. But if we have to look at the previous matches, we will have to improve our defense. To improve our rotation, to be more consistent in the defensive rebound, we are still suffering.

We are in the middle of the BCL and we are talking about different rhythms. We have to improve. It’s true. Players have fun playing at this pace. But there is room for improvement. When people pay to see us, they should not only win, but see a good performance. We have to play as a team, share the time. Defense to help and fight. I want to pass this character on to the team.”

Source: Sport Fm

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