He bent in the fourth period from Le Mans and… involved the Pigeon bwin


He was defeated at home by Le Mans and… involved it Pigeon bwin.

Vassilis Spanoulis’ team showed a very good face for three periods against the quality French, but finally folded in the fourth and decisive quarter, when the visitors prevailed with a partial score of 31-20, celebrating the victory with the final 86-78.

Thus, Le Mans essentially secured its presence in the play-in of the Basketball Champions League, since it will definitely finish above Peristeri bwin, which in turn is in danger of even being left out of the play-in, in case it is defeated in the last matchday by Malaga and at the same time Sobatelli is 2/2 in its own games with Malaga and Le Mans. Be that as it may, Peristeri bwin will likely finish third, which means they will play without home advantage in the play ins, which precede the ’16’ groups.

Leading for the hosts in tonight’s game were Dangubic (15p), Hunts (15π) and Thompson (13p, 7 rebounds, 5 blocks), while for the winners they stood out Jones (22p.) and Lewis (20 p.).

The match

Vassilis Spanoulis chose to start the game with Ragland, Williams, Poulianitis, Hougaz and Ragland and with Peristeri bwin entering the game with great commitment to his defense! After the initial 6-6 the home team dominated on both sides of the floor, building an impressive 13-3 run and taking its first double-digit lead of the game (19-9). By Dangubic to quickly reach 9 points, with a three-pointer by Kaselakis and a foul basket by Huntsformed the 25-14 of the first period, while Le Mans was unable to find a rhythm, having already managed to make 7 mistakes.

Vassilis Spanoulis’ team continued to… eat irons in defense, starting the second quarter with two unanswered baskets and with Renfro to tap and nail after an impressive coast to coast for the home team’s maximum lead (29-14) in the match! However, in the sequel the bwin Dove stuck aggressively, having only two shots on target Thomson and a 3-pointer by Ragland over 8 minutes into the game, allowing the visitors, who found a rhythm on offense, to go on a 16-3 run to get within striking distance,” before Ragland reach 10 points, putting his team at +3 (36-33) of half time.

The third period started with Peristeri bwin rebuilding a safety margin (+9, 44-35) with Thompson as the protagonist, who scored six straight points, but then took action for the visitors Jones, who “answered” with a series of baskets of his own, cutting it to 44-41, before Letibontier tied it with a three-pointer to make it 44-44. THE Schwartz three-pointer gave Le Mans the lead (48-50) and Jones scored 11 points in the third quarter, making it 49-53, but the bwin Dove found an answer, retaking the lead (56-55) with shots he made Xanthopoulos, after a technical penalty accepted by Jones, while Hunts made the 58-55 before the end of the period.

Pigeon bwin-Le Mans 78-86

The fourth quarter began with Vegett getting three offensive rebounds in one stretch, assisting on his three-pointer Lewis with which it became 58-58, while until that moment… quiet offensively Hunts, made two consecutive 3-pointers, keeping the bwin Dove at +3 (64-61). At that point in the game, Le Mans went on a 9-1 run to take a 70-66 lead thanks to a run of points by Hudgins and a 3-pointer by Latibondiere, while Hudgins he was the one who gave her her maximum lead in the match (67-74). The match ended with Peristeri bwin not having a clear mind in the attack and with the Le Mans to punish the wrong choices, escaping in the last minutes and winning with it 78-86.

The quarters: 25-14, 36-33, 58-55, 78-86

The match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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