The EPO’s measures for the protection of referees


Important decisions were taken at the meeting that took place today at the EPO offices between the president of the federation, Taki Baltako, and delegation of referees. Among other things, it was decided to propose to Professional Football Commission a number of measures for the safety of referees.

These include revoking referee designations that have been targeted by announcements from teams, the presence of a Sports Violence police officer in the locker room, allowing referees to be guarded when they request it, and toughening penalties for defamation of refereeing.

The referees will await the meeting of the Professional Football Commission on Monday to decide whether to continue their abstention or not, depending on whether or not their demands are met.

The EPO announcement:

The members of the Central Refereeing Committee and the referees and assistant referees of the Super League had a meeting with the president of the Hellenic Football Federation, Mr. Panagiotis Baltako, at the Federation’s offices today. At the meeting, which was also attended by the deputy president Panagiotis Dimitriou and the treasurer Clearchos Tzaferis, the following was decided.

The president of the EPO will propose to the Professional Football Committee, which will meet next Monday 11/12, the following first measures for the protection of referees and assistants:

1. The appointment of a referee will be revoked and no game will be played by a team that has been turned against the referees who have been appointed by prior notice.

2. A police officer from the Sports Violence sub-division will be requested to be in the locker room area at SL1 games.

3. The EPO will undertake the protection of the arbitrators through the security companies it cooperates with, if they request it and for as long as they request it.

4. The EPO will restore any material or general damage valued in money, which any arbitrator may suffer.

5. Stricter penalties for defamatory judgments and attacks on arbitration officials. The EPO will request from FIFA, UEFA the exceptionally immediate change of the regulations.

6. Immediate initiation of procedures for the implementation of professional refereeing by EPO and within the framework of EPO, so that it is fully implemented in the next championship.

7. The EPO legal service will take over the legal coverage of referees and assistants until June 2024.

Also, the president of the EPO will request a meeting of the referees with the Minister of State Stavros Papastavrou, the Minister of Citizen Protection Yiannis Economou and Deputy Sports Yiannis Vroutsis.

Source: Sport Fm

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