Official: Finally Dabrauskas from OFI

Official: Finally Dabrauskas from OFI

End credits for Valdas Dabrauskas to OFI.

The Cretans announced on Saturday morning the completion of their collaboration with the Lithuanian technician. It is essentially one “divorce” which had been out since Monday, as the two sides had come to an agreement and were insisting on formalities.

It is recalled that on Wednesday in the Betsson Cup match against Kifissia, in which they prevailed 3-1, they had Pedro Karavela on their bench.

Dabrauskas paid the… marble for the team’s poor harvest. The Cretans with the 46-year-old coach last celebrated a victory 2 months ago, specifically on October 2, when they prevailed 2-0 against AEK. A few days later, Dabrauskas’ team defeated Chania 5-3 for the Cup.

PAE OFI 1295 announces the agreement to complete the cooperation with the coach, Valdas Dambrauskas.

Mr. Dambrauskas took over the technical leadership of our team in October 2022 and despite the difficult conditions that existed, under his guidance OFI changed its competitive face and won the applause of the fans.

Our partnership is over, but with his strong personality and dynamic character, Mr. Dambrauskas will have his own special place in the history of OFI.

We thank him and his colleagues for their contribution to our team and wish them continued success in their careers.”refers to the relevant PAE announcement.

Developments for the successor of Dabrauskas in the technical leadership of OFI are expected soon, with the people of the team having focused on foreign coaches.

Source: Sport Fm

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