Black day for the historic Valerenga: Relegated after 22 years!


Black day for the historic Valerenga! The “Bohemians”, as they are nicknamed, did not manage to emerge victorious from the double playoffs against the Kristiansund and that was the result to be relegated from the first division after 22 consecutive years of presence.

THE Valerengain fact, had won away from home with 2-0 in the first game of the two teams, but the Kristiansund managed to equalize the score in the second leg and take the pair to penalties. There, the visitors had 5/5, with Bortsgrevnik to fail in the last of the home team and to… relegate them!

The relegation of the historic Norwegian team will result in the new season in the Eliteserien to have only one club from Oslo in the first division, h KFUM!

THE Valerengafounded 110 years ago, has won the championship 5 times (1965, 1981, 1983, 1984, 2005) and another 4 the Cup (1980, 1997, 2002, 2008).

He has competed in Champions League (and Champions Cup) and in general had written European appearances in the past, while in the 1998/99 season he reached the quarter-finals UEFA when he was banned from Chelsea.

From the Valerenga several players have passed in the past, such as Gias Zahid who played for Panathinaikos, Vidar Orn Kjartanson, but also the greats John Carew, Torre Andre Flo.

Source: Sport Fm

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