The league matches are closed for two months – The European matches are crowded except for Olympiacos-Batska


Padlock on the platforms of the stadiums he puts State!

Confirming the information that had already been leaked, the government spokesman, Pavlos Marinakisannounced the decision to hold the matches of the Stoiximan Super League without spectators.

The specific measure, which was characterized essential to deal with the phenomena fan violencewill be effective for posterity two months and specifically as the February 12.

As clarified, it will also be extended to the matches of groups B of the big-4, while will not apply to European matchesexcept for this one Olympiakou with Batska Topola, which will take place without people.

However, it was clarified that any punishments have already been imposed or are to be imposed in the interim they will have inhibitory character.

Which means that the Olympic will serve the one matchday that owes and any others that may be decided for the episodes of Volos after expiration of the meter in February.

The announcements of the government representative in detail

“A young man is fighting to stay alive after an act of brutal fan violence. The police are to be congratulated for arresting the natural perpetrator of the horrific crime. Behind these acts are hidden others, who support or tolerate them.

This is not the first crime of fan violence. We know the anger of Greek society. The government has made it clear that it will exhaust the actions for a chronic problem and the interventions will be dynamic, i.e. they will be adapted.

Checks on links have multiplied, while seals on illegal links have increased. The suspension framework is tightened. It turned out that further interventions are required. Neither the athletes nor the fans will pay it.

We decide to hold all Super League 1 matches behind closed doors for two months, this measure will also be observed in the B’ teams of the teams. It may be extended to home European matches on a case-by-case basis.

Olympiakos’ match against Batska Topola will be played behind closed doors.

The aim is to avoid risks and ensure public order. High-definition cameras will be installed in all stadiums and an electronic fan entry system with simultaneous identity verification. A number of administrative measures will be announced, such as automatic sanctions against clubs beyond those provided for by sports justice.

On behalf of the government, the upgrade of the criminal investigation for physical and moral perpetrators of sports violence crimes will be requested. The Greek state will show no tolerance and we will see who finances, encourages or supports the criminal activity.

We will not allow millions of fans to pay for the sick action of some. We will not allow armies to pollute amateur sport.

We must do everything in our power, to all the victims of fan violence, to those who were in danger or lost property. It is important to have those who invest in sport on our side. The problem is not one or two clubs but it is wider.

We believe that the measures will prove sufficient to avoid obsolescence, but if more measures are needed, we will continue even more vigorously. As difficult as it is to fight fan violence, we will continue the fight. No matter how high those who instigate or tolerate it are.”

Source: Sport Fm

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