Giannakopoulos: “Violence starts with football – It is unfair to equate my effort and that of the Angelopoulos with others”


A few hours after his initial statement in which he called the government’s decision to close behind closed doors in the games of the football championship and the European competition of Olympiakos fair, Dimitris Giannakopoulos in his new story proceeds to… explanations for his words.

Among other things it states that violence on the pitches starts with football and points out that it would be not fair for him as well as the Angelopoulos brothers with the other sports there should be a corresponding measure for holding basketball games without fans.

In detail, what Dimitris Giannakopoulos said in his Instagram story:

“Because I’m neither a bum nor do I only look at my interest, which is basketball. Initially, the decision is fair, because if Olympiacos had served his sentence during this time, it would have been a grace for Olympiacos because everything would have been closed. So this is important, because we also have a prime minister who is an Olympian and made a fair decision.

We have created a family atmosphere at OAKA. It would be unfair to have shutouts in basketball as well. Violence on the pitches starts with football. Where have most episodes taken place? In football and from there the fans transfer them to the other sports. There used to be no violence in basketball and volleyball. It is therefore very appropriate that the measure concerns football. I understand the people who have taken permanent and should get their money back.

Panathinaikos has a basketball audience and Olympiacos, well done, has now also created a basketball audience with endless sold outs. They had a derby in which we had… hairs, just some little things off the pitch. A match that did not open their noses and kudos to them. And the effort that I and Mr. Angelopoulos are making should not be compared to anything done in football and volleyball.

This is my opinion. We don’t have to agree on everything. We have a democracy. It is my right to speak my mind and your right to disagree.”

Source: Sport Fm

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