Written: “Are you closing the football fields while the incident happened in a volleyball match?”

Written: “Are you closing the football fields while the incident happened in a volleyball match?”

Her contrast with the decision taken by the government to hold the football matches behind closed doors, expressed Vangelis Grammenos. The former president of the EPO hinted that it is not reasonable for him to close the stadiums for something that happened in a volleyball match, saying that what was announced at noon on Monday is not even half measures.

Among other things he reported on Metropolis 95.5

For the government’s measures:

“I don’t consider them to be measures or even half measures and word after word of knowledge. It cannot be decided behind closed doors only for football, and for all sports it would not be half measures if it had been announced. It is an attempt by the government to cover the communication crisis.

You close the football stadiums while the occasion was a volleyball match, all this causes a shame in the world and at some point the knife has to go into the bone. The government must reach the perpetrators as well as the moral perpetrators and it has the means to do so. There is polarization in the football environment, preventive repression will not solve the problem on the pitches but it is a tool.”

For the Deputy Ministers of Sports he worked with when he was president of the EPO:

“I am absolutely convinced that the Deputy Ministers are only thinking about the communication part. There are more important problems in Greek society than watching a sporting event, so the government might as well not be involved. Perhaps this exists as a thought in the government staff.

I would suggest putting the knife straight into the bone. If the Police and Judiciary do not solve 2-3 serious cases and send all of them to jail, then nothing is going to happen. We have entered into the suppression of violence, without having entered into prevention. I’ve been calling this for 20 years. The subject of sports education must be included in schools and we cannot skip it.

It will not solve the issue of violence but it will help in that direction. When the child goes outside the family and sees impunity, he is encouraged as a youth and commits crimes he would not have even thought of.”

For what the referees ask for their protection:

“There should be a preliminary examination and he should go to other addresses and not to a simple police station. You saw what a case of Zelos that the case was never solved. The foreign referee does not accept all that the Greek referees live, that if they make a mistake they cannot leave their house for 5 months”.

Source: Sport Fm

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