Pablo Garcia on Almeida: “Whether you are a good person is not judged by the color of the shirt you wear”


Statements after the 2-2 draw in his team’s match with AEK, made by the coach of Panserraikos, Pablo Garcia.

The Uruguayan coach emphasized that his team must continue to improve, since the stay case will not be easy, he spoke about the empty stands, mentioning that his team lives from its world and ticket revenue, while he also spoke about the warm hug he had with the coach of AEK, after the end of the match.

In detail what the Panserraikos coach said:

“The first round was very difficult for us, a lot of back-to-back games and travel. We were in good shape when our game with Volos was postponed. We have players with a lot of cards and we don’t have a big roster. We try to improve every day. It doesn’t help us that we don’t have people in the stadium, for something that is not our fault. We live off the people and the tickets. There are many problems that need to be solved. Thanks to my players, they have worked very hard and deserve a Merry Christmas. A difficult second round is coming, we must continue on the same path, constantly improving.

Even against the big teams we try to play our game. We know we concede a lot of goals, but we have to look at the games in which we have conceded them. In games we found ourselves playing with 10 players. The numbers are there, but we have to analyze them. It is not easy to stay in the division, we have tough teams to compete with. We hope people will come back to the stadium and help us”.

On his warm hug with Almeida after the match: “Whether you are a good person is not judged by what color shirt you wear. He is a very good coach. They won the league and the cup last year, they play good football at a fast pace. What matters is what kind of person you are. First we are people and then coaches or footballers. We all want to win, but when the match is over we are friends”.

Source: Sport Fm

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