The places in the individual world ranking with which the Greek table tennis champions close in 2023


In the absence of rated matches last week, the ITTF World Rank week 52 table tennis did not reserve any substantial change, but of course the Greek colors also need a mention, at least in the individual lists of the major division, as it includes the positions in which they end the year our champions and champions.

In total, there are nine rated this period, five men and four women, and Panagiotis Gionis and Katerina Toliou continue to be first on the Greek side, for a very long time.

China, of course, holds the top positions in both cases and from 2024 the tables will be even more interesting because they will also judge qualifiers for the Paris Olympics.

In the men’s world ranking list, Panagiotis Gionis ends the year at number 124, where he was most recently with a rise of 72 places thanks to second place in singles at the Feeder tournament in Italy. Konstantinos Angelakis appears at number 325, Yiannis Sgouropoulos at 351, Giorgos Stamatouros at 465 and George Konstantinopoulos at 879.

In the women’s world ranking list, Katerina Toliou closes 2023 at number 226. Malamatenia Papadimitriou is at number 372, Dimitra-Thomais Tsekoura at 387 and Elisavet Terpou at 395.

The top five in the world rankings at the close of 2023 are:

In men:

1. Fan Zhendong (China) 6,544 points

2. Wang Chuqin (China) 5,145

3. Ma Long (China) 4,635

4. Liang Jikun (China) 2,945

5. Hugo Calderano (Brazil) 2,875

To women:

1. Sun Yingsha (China) 8,550 points

2. Wang Yidi (China) 4,505

3. Wang Manyu (China) 4,137

4. Chen Meng (China) 3,955

5. Hina Hayata (Japan) 2,950

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