Valencia-Panathinaikos AKTOR: For the “green” recovery and reaction


The… shock of defeat by Baskonia is asked to overcome the Panathinaikos ACTORwho faces Valencia (5/1, 21:30,, News Bulletin 247, Novasports Prime), for 19th matchday of the Euroleague.

The “greens” entered with the… left in 2024 and in the second round of the competition, losing one of their “own” matches in Vitoria. For more than 37 minutes, the “clover” had the lead against the Basques, even reaching to +17 (31-48) in the third period. But, in the remaining time the wrong choices and the big shots of the Chima Moneke and Cody Miller-McIntyre they obliged Panathinaikos AKTOR in the loss with a score of 75-73.

Thus, his team’s four-game winning streak came to an end Ergin Atamanretreating to 10-8 in the rating. From then on, the… bad thing for the “greens” in Vitoria was twofold. And that’s because, in addition to the defeat, they also lost him to an injury Kostas Sloukas. The international guard left with an adductor muscle problem and so will not be able to compete against Valencia. At the same time, O remains out Ioannis Papapetrouwho is in the final stretch of his return to action.

In the meantime, the “clover” has a good… cushion against Valencia. In the match of the first round he had prevailed with an emphatic 90-73 in OAKA. For their part, the “bats” are coming off a big win against Anatolou Efes. With top him Damien English and their worthy supporters Chris Jones, Brandon Davis and Sammy Ojeleghe prevailed 93-88 of the Turkish champions, climbing to 10-8. Generally, in “Fondette” his team Alex Moubro is performing much better, having so far seven wins in ten matches in this year’s EuroLeague. In the competitive part, except for Valencia, he remains Victor Claver.

Finally, in the match against the “bats”, Panathinaikos wants to… exorcise the “evil” that finds him in Spain. And that’s because, the defeat by Baskonia a few days ago was the 18th series for the “greens” in the country of the Iberian Peninsula! The last time the “clover” celebrated a victory at the headquarters of a Spanish team, was on February 2019 with Gran Canaria!

The referees of the match will be Mehdi Difala (France), Milivoje Jovcic (Serbia) and Sefi Shemesh (Israel).

Source: Sport Fm

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