Frenzy in MLS for Messi: Kansas changes venue for Inter Miami game


Can o Lionel Messi to be in Inter Miami and MLS for six months, but the madness prevailing in America towards his face does not say to… stop!

Pulga’s club income has gone to another level, be it through match tickets or the shirt and accessories bearing his name, while other clubs also take advantage of his presence when they play against Inter.

Sporting Kansas City is expected to do something like this! In particular, the match of the new season against the company of Messi and Suarez will not be held at home, but at Arrowhead Stadium, where the team plays its games NFL Kansas City Chiefs due to the huge demand of the tickets from the people.

In fact, the difference between the two seats is quite large as the Kansas seat is 18,000 seats, while the NFL team’s stadium accommodates more than 75,000 fans. As for the tickets, from day to day at the MLS club they expect it sold out!

Source: Sport Fm

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