Hercules: With Roten and Henry in Athens


Unexpectedly and with a morning training in Ivanofeio, he completed Hercules the preparation for the two matches he will give in Athens, on Saturday against Peristeri and on Monday against Panathinaikos. In the mission, Costas Mexas included the two new acquisitions of the team, Tony Rotten and Mike Henry.

«After a long period, without games for our team, we have in front of us, a very difficult match against an opponent, who lately is in very good playing, but also psychological condition, after the last victories and appearances“, Stressed the coach of the team, Costa Mexas, and added:”We, for our part, are in a phase of reconstruction, with departures and additions of players. More will be added soon. It’s a match, in which we will try to see some things that we have been working on lately. To execute them, as best we can, to show a person more combative and closer to what we want in general, in relation to the game against Prometheus and to see what we can do in the end. We are certainly in a strange phase, but we believe that the time is approaching when we will be able to function as a normal team, on the floor».

The following participate in the mission: Stamatis, Skordilis, Roten, Henry, Garrett, Phillios, Charitopoulos, Petanidis, Dolezai, Papadakis.

* Tony Rotten will wear the jersey with the number 5 and Mike Henry with the number 6.

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