Heavy defeat for Aris in Romania


Steep… landing for him Mars in Romania!

A poor third period, where he conceded partial score 31-16cost the “yellows” the defeat 90-74 from Clujending the streak of three victories that counted in the Eurocup.

Thus, the team of Yannis Kastritis retreated to 7-7 in the second group, while the Romanians went to 10-4.

The first scorer of Aris was De Souza with 14 points, while others 13p. added the Stark.

From Cluj, the leaders were Jones too with 18 p. and 17p. respectively.

The match

Bad start from Aris, who allowed Cluj to lead 9-0 in the first three minutes. The “yellows” broke the… pomegranate in the game with a three-pointer by Toliopoulos and immediately reacted with individual scores of 1-11, for the overtake (10-11), in the 5th minute. Then, Galinat also entered the equation with the team of Kastritis going to +3 (15-18), but the bad defense in the last two minutes gave the Romanians the opportunity to close the first period in front (23-22).

Aris also started the second quarter with mistakes and wrong choices, with Cluj making individual scores of 11-2, for +10 (34-24), until 14′. The “yellows” responded with a 5-0 run (34-29), but from that point on, the Romanians were in control and steadily maintained their lead, going to the locker room with +7 (45-38).

The Thessaloniki team was “hurt” by the lost rebounds at the beginning of the second half, with the hosts escaping to +13 (55-42), at 23′. The sequel was even worse for Aris, as the Jones-Stipanovic duo did more “damage”, with Cluj reaching +22 (74-52) and thereby completing the third quarter (76-54).

Cluj even reached +24 (80-56) at the start of the fourth quarter and then relaxed. This was taken advantage of by Aris, who with Harrell and De Souza made a reaction and reduced the difference enough (85-74), in the 38th minute. However, nothing changed dramatically until the end and so he experienced the defeat with a score of 90-74.

The quarters: 23-22, 45-38, 76-54, 90-74

See here the match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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