Serie A: Bologna-Inter goes for April


Serie A. is looking for the right date to hold the postponed match between Bologna and Inter, which had not taken place due to cases in the team of Sinisa Mikhailovic.

The organizing authority had found two dates, one in February and one in March, but Inter has appealed to the arbitration court and has been justified in not playing then due to its busy schedule.

Somehow, the game goes for March where there are gaps on several dates (5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27). In one of them, however, the rematch of Inter with Milan for the semifinals of the Coppa Italia will take place, while if the “Nerazzurri” overcome the obstacle of Liverpool, then in the quarterfinals of the Champions League they will give two more matches on these available dates.

If all this happens, then the game will go to the end of the league and will be held in May.

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