Manager Swinderski: “He wanted to be the number one striker in PAOK”


THE Carol Swinderski left him weeks ago PAOKmoving to Charlotte and to MLS.

His representative, Marius Piecarskiclaimed that the Polish forward did not leave the “biceps of the north” because of the money, while he stated that he wanted to be his number one striker PAOK.

His statements on the website “” in detail:

For the interest that was on the part of Bologna, but also from another team that did not name before Charlotte’s proposal came: “She made the best offer. And it was an offer that made PAOK interested in this proposal. In order to be able to negotiate with a club, it had to first come to an agreement with PAOK. There was a more specific offer from another club, whose name I will not reveal, but PAOK rejected the offer “.

For the participation time that Sfinderski had this year: “I think so. Despite the fact that these three years spent in Thessaloniki were a fun adventure. Carroll experienced the conquest of a championship and two Cups. All he had to do was score, but lately he came off the bench just as often as he did as a starter. But we wanted him to be the number one striker of PAOK “

On whether he will be Charlotte’s main forward: “It simply came to our notice then. But it will not be easy, he has to fight. Besides, I’m of the opinion that he should get to know the world. Three years in a club is enough. And change brings many more experiences. You meet new people, new environment, new emotions “.

For the negotiations: “Under the rules of the American federation, we were obliged to negotiate only with Charlotte. Other clubs could not be involved. But there were also blows from other clubs. We are always looking for the best options “.

On whether Swinderski will become Charlotte star: “Right now, he probably earns the most money at the club, but I do not know which other player will come after him and what contract he will sign. But I would like to emphasize that the transfer was not for the money, but for Carroll’s satisfaction. He has already played two preparation matches and is waiting for the start of the season. “He feels good in the team.”

For Charlotte: “This is their first season in MLS. Behind the team, there is a very wealthy owner who wants to create something very big in the city. I suspect the first season will be an adaptation. I would not like to say what will happen next, what is the vision of the club, but from what we know, a great future is foretold, there is a lot of money and great ambitions “.

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