He defeated Panionios again and Eleftheroupolis caught him at the top of the Elite League


She also triumphed in her second meeting with him Panionio this season, catching him at its peak Elite League the Eleftheroupolis!

Despite a very good start by the “blue and red”, who led 27-18 at the end of the first period, the team from Eastern Macedonia fought back in the second quarter, went to the locker room ahead 47-40, and finally prevailed with 84-72a result that raised it to the top of the standings, roommates with the Nea Smyrni team.

The quarters: 18-27, 47-40, 66-58, 84-72

Eleftheroupoli (Papadopoulos): Allen 7 (1), Gathrait 25, Kambouridis 6 (1), Iatridis 4, Logothetis 6, Mastoros 18 (3), Kourtidis 17, Tsellos, Kalogerias 1

Panionios (Lykogiannis): Zanloui 18 (2), Skandalos 3 (1), Milendijevic 3 (1), Papadionisiou 7 (1), Chalaris 4, Kaklamanakis 8, Vougioukas 10, Verginis 5 (1), Davis 10 (2), Gikas 4

An important victory was also celebrated by Corivoswho prevailed with the imposing 87-69 of Hermes Schimatarioswhile o Hercules was imposed 84-68 her Mykonos in Ivanofeio, having Kari (21p) as its main protagonist and remaining two wins away from the top. Finally, the Psychic prevailed 72-64 of Amyntataking his fourth win in this year’s championship, but remaining bottom of the standings.

The results of the 16th round:

Eleftheroupoli-Panionios 84-72

Koroivos-Hermis Schimatariou 87-69

Herakles-Mykonos 84-68

Psychic-Defender 72-64

Charilaos Trikoupis of Messolonghi-Megarida (17:00)

Ayantas Evosmou-Papagos 90-73

Esperos Lamia-Doxa Lefkada (17:00)

Milonas-Panerythraikos (14/1, 15:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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