Nikologiannis: “The image of Panathinaikos until 70′ leaves optimism – It is important that he showed that he believed in the turnaround”


In the fact that the Panathinaikos entered with a desire to beat AEK and elicited a reaction when the score was found to be behind, which may prove to be decisive in the following derbies, Tasos Nikologianis focused on News Bulletin 247.

Terim had emphasized in the analysis before the match the move of Levia that took place at 1-0. It was a very cheap goal. Panathinaikos created a lot of problems for AEK in the “OPAP Arena”, which it never had in the last two years, it managed to create phases for it, while in addition to the goal it conceded, it did not concede, having the goal and two more of its own. He reacted and believed very much in the reversal, which is very important. The team showed a lot of faith, they went in with the mentality that I came to win. While I really liked it until the 70’s, with an image that leaves you feeling optimistic, after that it wasn’t as good as it needed to be. He didn’t keep the ball, the changes didn’t help, while in 93′ you never open your hands with the ball in the area. It is in the alphabet of football, what Zeka did for his experience is a big mistake. He looked like he was missing a midfielder at the end, Ruben could help. If he appears like this in the next derbies, it is only a matter of time before he wins, this story cannot continue“, he said among other things.

The station’s reporter made a special mention of Verbic’s phase with Pineda, wondering how the referee and VAR could not award a penalty in favor of the “clover”, in such a clear transgressionwhile pointing out that is wronged for the second year in a row in New Philadelphia after Dabanovic’s… mess.

While Nikologiannis noted that Verbic has played a very good game and is of those won by the advent of Terim in Panathinaikos, recording at the same time the other distinguished ones from yesterday.

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Source: Sport Fm

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