Olympiacos ready for the “final” with Zirat


In the final “battle” of the men’s Champions League volleyball groups, Olympiacos at 19:00 has as its first objective a “clean” victory (3-0, 3-1) over the mighty Zirat in Ankara, in order to “seal” the second position of his group and to qualify for the next phase of the top class European inter-club competition.

*The third team from each Champions League group continues in the CEV Cup.

Daniel Castellani emphasized that: “It is a “final” for us, with this mentality we will be, that we are playing a “final”. We want to win and qualify for the next stage. From the match with Zaksa we have to hold our serve, because Zirat has two players who are of a high level in attack, high balls and open play, Camejo and Anderson.

So we have to serve hard, create trouble in the end zone to have any hope of limiting them offensively.”

Raphael Koumentakis added: “Last match, we will do our best, that’s the only thing certain. We are in Turkey with our mind only on victory. The result with Zaksa was very good, it was a great result for the club in general, for us athletes, but Wednesday’s game is crucial and we will fight for the victory.”

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