It got worse in the fourth period and Virtus Bologna overthrew Villeurbanne


She was stressed in her home matchup with the fighter Villerbanbut finally managed to pull off a comeback in the fourth period and return to winning ways Virtus Bologna!

The French proved capable of springing a surprise with their performance in the first three periods of the match, taking double-digit leads, but Luca Banki’s side managed to cruise to victory with 73-63winning by a partial score of 28-9 in the fourth quarter.

Thus, Virtus returned to positive results after their two consecutive defeats against Maccabi and Efes, improving their record in 15-7 and catching Barcelona in second place in the standings, while Villerban fell 4-18continuing to “cohabit” in last place with Alba.

Top for the winners were Hackett (19p, 6 rebs, 4 assists) and Belinelli (18p), while for the guests they stood out Fal (17 points, 12 rebounds) and Paris Lee (14 points, 12 assists).

The match

The game started with Virtus moving the ball around on offense, finding free shots and taking a 7-2 lead, while Villerban managed just one field goal in the first 4 minutes of the game before Louvavo-Cambaro scored a 3-pointer for the 7-5. The visitors continued to struggle offensively, allowing the home team to run away with a 14-7 lead thanks to a 3-pointer by Belinelli, while Dunston also provided solutions to Banky’s team’s offense, which ended the first period with a buzzer-beater tip. -in of Cordinier and ousa in front of me 19-10.

Villeurbanne responded early in the second period, putting the ball on its opponent’s racket and cutting to 19-14 with baskets by Loverne and Fall. Belinelli’s three-pointer temporarily cut off the lead of the French (22-14), but these were the only points for Virtus in the first 4.5 minutes of the period, with Villeurbanne “running” an impressive 16-4 run, taking the lead (26-30) for the first time in the game. The first half ended with Villeurbanne in front with 27-32 and with Virtus scoring just 8 points in the second period.

As the two teams returned from the locker room, Cordinier hit a three-pointer to cut the deficit to -4 for Virtus (34-38), but Villeurbanne continued to control the match, building a double-digit lead (37-48) thanks to baskets by Lee and Lighty. Cordinier and Mickey hurt the visitors with efforts through the racket, cutting it to 45-50, while DeSean Thomas and Loverne made the 45-54 of the third period.

Virtus Bologna-Villerban 73-63

The two teams were stressed entering the “final stretch” of the match, remaining without a point in the first 2 minutes of the fourth quarter. Paiola hit a 3-pointer to cut the deficit to 48-54 for Virtus, while Villerban then froze offensively, failing to score for nearly five minutes, allowing the home team to take the lead with 62-56! With the momentum and momentum of their crowd, Bologna did not allow their opponents to get back into contention for victory, prevailing with the final 73-63.

The quarters: 19-10, 27-32, 45-54, 73-63

The match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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