Mid-Cup of Nations change for Samata’s Tanzania – Punished for anti-Morocco comments


It didn’t reach the Tanzania the heavy defeat by Morocco in the premiere of the Africa Cup of Nationsstayed and without a coach!

You see, in Adel Amrous was imposed eight game ban because of comments he made against Moroccans.

The Algerian technician left spikes on the influence of the Moroccan Football Federation on CAF, saying that “We had asked to play at noon but they forced us to play later.

It seems that in African football, certain forces exert an influence and we have to deal not only with good teams but also factors that are not visible”.

The above words brought the punishment of Amrous, with the Tanzanians continuing in the Cup of Nations with… Hemed Morocco as a service coach.

However, international reports state that the Algerian will be removed from the bench of his team anyway Ali Samata after what happened.

Source: Sport Fm

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