Petrakis: “Our image was good, OFI was under pressure”


Yannis Petrakis was satisfied with the image of Panaitolikos against OFI, despite the defeat of the Agrini team.

What he said in detail

For the defeat of Panaitolikos: “It was a very important game for both teams. Our own effort was very great as well as our image was good. We didn’t accept chances, I think we did it to score a goal and the way the game developed we could have got something more, it didn’t happen and what was left was the picture we had. We are learning, we have a very big game coming up on Tuesday and we will try to do our best.”

For the Cup game: “I don’t think much will change in two days. Only in persons, not tactics. This applies both to us and to OFI”.

On whether stress and pressure affected: “In the first half we chose to play safe, we conceded the penalty phase, another header while we had the one with Sengelia. Certainly, there was stress for both us and OFI, the details were more on the side of OFI than on us.”

For empty fields: “This has to pass quickly, we have to get back to normality and those who have the responsibility to find the solution because what is happening is a shame.”

For the image of OFI: “It is true that OFI was under stress and pressure, maybe in the cup it will appear released. The new coach is trying to bring new things and a different mentality. Of course, there are two more games in the cup.”

Source: Sport Fm

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