Athanasiou: “Bakasetas is coming and playing with Atromitos – The administration broke the bank, just like with Maksimovic”


Immediately Nikos Athanasiou is waiting for what he will do debut by Panathinaikos The Tasos Bakasetas given the circumstances, as commented through News Bulletin 247 while he also dropped an… idea.

The news of the day is the arrival of Bakaseta, which coincides with the basketball derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to go to the closed OAKA and present himself to the world. Let’s not forget that it is still taking time for football to become popular. The way the scene has been shaped with the injuries at Panathinaikos, I take it for granted that he will be on the mission and it is possible that we will see him take some time. He doesn’t have an attacker at the moment. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible for a newcomer to play so quickly, but here we have special situations“, he emphasized in this regard.

The station’s reporter characterized very important her acquisition of Maksimovich -which, at the given time, it seems that the summer will come- from the “clover” and one of the biggest in Greek football, as “broke the piggy bank and gave him one of the biggest contracts, same as Bakaseta, over 1.5 million euros».

At the same time, Athanasiou pointed out that the management of Panathinaikos is doing everything in its power to raise the level of the team in the winter transfer period, with financial excesses.

And save as great protagonist of yesterday’s victory of the “greens” Aitordoing special reference parallel to Gedvaiwhile he also mentioned the many injury problems that exist ahead of the match with Atromitos.

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Source: Sport Fm

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