The first pet friendly school in Greece is located in Leros.

It is an English tutoring school that hosts in its desks, among the children, and… different students and specific pets.

In the language center of Ms. Anna Karanikola, the children have a lesson with the company of animals.

The owner who was inspired to create such a special place of learning said that all the animals are adopted, while the island has a long history of this culture of love and giving to animals, which is also shown by the amazing animal charity that works there.

Ms. Karanikola also pointed out the need for this action to find imitators throughout Greece, so that the attitude not only towards pets but towards strays in general will change, while, as she said, children are innocent and it is most natural for them to coexist with the animals.

Ms. Karanikola emphasized, finally, that there is a serious issue with stray animals in Greece, while, in her nursery, children, through animals, learn to be responsible and their families are thinking for the first time to take them home and take care of them a four-legged friend.