In the presence of Melissanidis, the cutting of EPSANA’s pie


The awards ceremony and cutting of the cakesuccessfully held on Monday (29/1) the EPS of Eastern Attica.

In fact, its administrative leader was also “present”. AEK, Dimitris Melissanidiswho honored the football player of AEK B’ and K19, Tasso Contoruhawhich has been launched by Olympiakos Lavriou and APE Lavreotiki.

In detail, the EPSANA Press Release:

With brilliance, success and dynamic participation from the unions, the awards ceremony and pie cutting of the Eastern Attica EPS took place today Monday (29/1) at the Amadryades Estate, in the presence of the entire Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of Dimitris Jarenis.

At the event, the awards were given to the Champion teams and the teams that won a category during last year’s season as well as the Cup winner. At the same time, there were also special awards for footballers who progressed on the pitches of Eastern Attica and special personalities who distinguished themselves in their field.

We were honored with their presence, the administrative leader of PAE AEK Dimitris Melissanidis, the Minister of State Makis Voridis, the president of EPO Takis Baltakos…

The Minister of Social Cohesion and Family Sofia Zacharakis was represented by Mr. Livanios, the ND Member of Parliament Giorgos Vlachos was represented by Mrs. Stavrou, while the following were also present: SYRIZA Member of Parliament George Karameros, PASOK/KINAL Member of Parliament Manolis Christodoulakis, DEEP president Vanita Sofroni, the president of ONNED Eastern Attica Michalis Saliveros, Nikolaos Farandouris Professor of European Law and European Policy Advisor to the president of SYRIZA, the Deputy Regional Governor Maria Kouri and the vice president of the Amateur AEK Mimis Deligiannis.

Also present at the event were: Papachristou Takis (President of Etoloakarnania and member of the EU of EPO), Visvikis Dionysis (member of the EU of EPO), Martsoukos Petros (President of Super League 2), Apostolou Yiannis (president of EPS Kozani), Retsas Yiannis ( president of EPS Evia), Avlonitis Nikos (president of EPS Salas), Angelou Fanis (president of EPS Fokida), Papaioannou Elena Secretary of Women’s Football.

Mayors attended: Kyousis Dimitris (Koropiou), Tseva-Mila Dimitra (Rafina / Pikermiou), Alagiannis Kostas (Markopoulou) and of course a number of deputy mayors. The Deputy Regional Governor of Eastern Attica, Vicky Kavalari, sent a greeting.

See photos from the event:

Melissanidis: Present at the cutting of EPSANA's pie

Melissanidis: Present at the cutting of EPSANA's pie

Melissanidis: Present at the cutting of EPSANA's pie

Melissanidis: Present at the cutting of EPSANA's pie

Source: Sport Fm

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