Dominant AEK knocked out Olympiakos in Ilioupoli and flew for… a cup!


Exasperated AEKroared in Ilioupoli and flew out Greek Cup Olympic!

“Union” prevailed 28-25 in the second overtime of the “red and white” (23-23 regular time score) and advanced to the quarterfinals of the competition, a victory that paves the way for them to win the title.

Thus, the champions of Greece “went out” the defeats by Olympiakos in the Super Cup and the Championship, celebrating the ticket to the next phase, where they will face Drama.

The match:

AEK managed to open the scoring with Arabatzis (0-1), with Olympiakos, however, reacting and scoring three goals with Savva, Montoro and Vida (3-1), “hitting” the visitors on the counterattack.

“Union” reduced with Jonson in the 7th minute (3-2), but the “red and whites” had an answer again, scoring two goals with Sliskovic and Montoro (5-2). The home team had an overall advantage (6-4 at 13′), with Arabatzis keeping the “yellow and black” close to the score (6-5), while afterwards there was balance in the match, with Liapis equalizing for AEK in the 22′ (8-8).

Olympiacos took the lead (9-8) with Savva, but immediately accepted the equalizer with Miller in the 23rd minute (9-9), with “Union” taking the lead again with Miller (9-10) . However, the home side equalized with the outstanding Savvas finishing the first half ahead with Kotanidis’ goal to make it 11-10.

The image of the match did not change in the second half, with Olympiakos not losing the lead, while on the other hand AEK equalized and did not let their opponent get a difference (14-14). In fact, in the 37th minute he took the lead in the score with the penalty executed by Mandalinic for 14-15, with Tzibula equalizing at 15-15 from a pivot position.

The visitors took the lead with the goals of Madalinic and Tick for 15-17 (42′), maintaining the difference with Jonsson (16-18). Olympiacos reacted and took the lead in the 50th minute for 19-18, while AEK “answered” with Tick and Papadionisiou for 19-20. The match was perfectly balanced, with 23-23 being the final score of regular time, since the goalkeeper of AEK, Teper, shouted “present” by making two great interventions, one on a penalty by Sliskovic at 59:37 and the second in four of Tsimbula at 59:59.

In extra time, Sliskovic made it 24-23, with AEK bringing the game to 24-24 with Arabatzis, while in the second half of extra time the “yellow and black” showed they wanted it more with three goals by Miller they made it 25-28 which was also the final score, with AEK getting the big qualification.

The five minutes: 1-1, 5-3, 6-5, 8-7, 9-9, 11-10 (day), 14-14, 15-16, 16-17, 19-18, 21-21, 23- 23.

The extension: 2-2, 0-3.

Olympiacos/Omilos Xini (Nikos Grammatikos): Kotanidis, Tziras, Karabourniotis, Papavasilis, Vida 2, Tzimboulas 2, Papantonopoulos, Kandylas, Sliskovits 7, Dombris, Passias 1, Montoro 3, Slavoulitsa, Kavcits, Michaelidis 2, Savvas 8.

AEK (Frederic Bouzon): Arambatzis 5, Tick 3, Kritikos, Jonson 4, Madalinics 3, Mallios 1, Teper, Ilioupolos, Tome, Papadionisiou 1, Liapis 5, Arsic, Sokolic, Miller 5, Lemos, Kederis 1.

The pairs of the quarterfinals

Vrilissia – Panhellenic GS

PAOK- Ionikos N.F.

GAS Kilkis – ASE Doukas

Drama – AEK


Kilkis or Doukas – PAOK or Ionikos

Vrilissia or Panhellenios – Drama or AEK

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