Kammenou: “The goal is the top four, we want everyone to count on us”


She appeared satisfied Alexia Kammenouafter the victorious premiere of the women’s national water polo at the World Championships in Doha, with the 11-6 over France.

The premiere always needs attention. We had patience and that is an important element. We’ve improved defensively and it’s obvious, so I’m happy with our performance in the premier, and what the girls showed today. We have room for improvement in some areas of the game, like the one above where we were rushed at times, but in general we are good. It’s a World Championship, we have to do well and show that there will be continuity“, Kammenou initially underlined and continued:

We have come here focused on our goal, which is to get to the top four. Yes, we may not have the stress of qualifying (including the Olympics), but we have the burden of wanting to be a team that everyone counts on and to be in the medals in all events.“, he added.

Concluding her statements, the federal technician said that “today, because it’s world cancer day, we dedicate this victory to all the people who are fighting and it’s the least we can do in this fight they’re fighting».

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