Poget: “Difficult group, but we have more experience – We have to give our best”


In the difficulty of the group of our National team in the Nations League 2024-25 which brought it against England, Finland and Ireland, the federal coach Gustavo Poget stood.

At the same time, the Uruguayan federal selector emphasized that the “blue and white” has added important experiences from the European qualifiers, while he specifically mentioned that he wants full stands.

I’m happy because I met a lot of people I know, old teammates and opponents and we had a chance to chat. As for the draw, I’m already thinking about the difficulties of the next Nations League. After all, from the moment we were promoted, we realized that we would face stronger opponents. But I think we have more experience from the games against France and Holland, which we faced in the EURO qualifiers, but also Ireland, which we will face again. It is a difficult group and we have to give our best“, he initially said.

He added: “Our footballers must show confidence in this challenge as they will compete against some of the best players in Europe. The games will give us even more experiences and I hope fans will be allowed to enter the stadium. We want full stands, as the stronger the opposition, the more we need our fans to win tough games. So let’s look at that possibility. Nations is a little further away, I hope we win in the play-offs first and live the experiences of the EURO».

Source: Sport Fm

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