Volos held on with 10 and won a point-gold in Kaisariani from Kifissia!


He left with a grade… gold from Kaisariani after an episodic match o Marble!

In a game with lots of tension and nerves, both on and off the pitch, Angel Lopez’s side were able to cope with player less throughout the second half (Aslanidis sent off at 45+1′) to her pressure Kifissialeaving Kesariani with the “white” tie for the 22nd matchday of the Stoiximan Super League.

Despite the fact that Volos remained without a win for the eighth matchday, they managed to get their third consecutive draw during this time, remaining in 12th place with 17 points and +1 from his team Costa Bratsou.

In the coach’s mind:

THE Kostas Bratsos lined up his team with a 4-2-3-1 system. Anagnostopoulos was found under the goal, with Gobelic, Tsapan, Teixeira and Milicevic making up the foursome of the defense. In the axis were Tsanatzia and Soloa, with Klonaridis and Bifumas on the two wings and Tetei in the role of “10”, behind the only promoted, Menendes.

On the other hand, Mr Angel Lopez chose 4-2-3-1 for Volos. Kovacs was in the goal, with Alhos, Aslanidis, Kalogeropoulos and Myga starting in defense. Barrientos and Glavcic started in midfield, with Acehnoun, Ds Camps and Koba forming the central attacking trio, with Garcia leading the attack.

The match:

The pace of the game was very good and fast at the beginning of the match, with both teams entering strongly, chasing an early goal that will put them in the lead. The one who stepped on the field best in the first minutes was Kifissiawhich just “touched” the goal in the 3rd minute.

Specifically, in the first phase of the match, the home team missed a great opportunity, when after an unstable removal of the Volos defense, the Menendez he took the rebound and with a “shell” from the height of the large area, shook it crossbar by Kovacs!

The team of Costa Bratsos continued to have the control and the initiative of the movements, trying, mainly with set-pieces, to create dangerous moments in front of the opposing goal. All this until 14′, when it happened short break in the match, due to his expulsion Achilles Beau, who was asking in an intense tone for her prosecutor’s intervention for more people on the platforms than stipulated in the regulation. Finally, after some time the tension de-escalated and the match continued.

This interruption broke the rhythm, with the Volos slowly balances the game and in turn create dangerous situations in front of Anagnostopoulos’ goal. In the 20th minute, the visitors missed a huge double chance with Koba initially being beaten in a four-on-four by the Greek keeper and then from a difficult position to place alongside the goal. After that, there were few good moments, with more duels in the center area. In the 40th minute, Gobelic’s long shot was easily blocked by Kovacs, while in the 42nd minute, Menendez’s nice shot went wide. In the 45th minute, the numerical balances changed, with Aslanides to overthrow Bifuma and to is sent off with a second yellow card, leaving Volos with ten players.

Wanting to take advantage of their numerical advantage, Kifisia entered their game quite strongly and with intensity in second half. From the beginning of the replay, the home team pressed hard, creating a good moment at 51′when after the perfect collaboration of Bifuma-Soloa, the place of the second one from the limits of the area went well past the goal of Volos. Seconds later, Bifuma’s drive from the left and counters favored Tetei, who was beaten by Kovacs in the box.

With the home side’s pressure intensifying, Lopez stepped up to changes in its axis, throwing… fresh legs with Tsokani and Truige in the 53rd minute. A move he had direct impact on the Volos team, which defended excellently, closing all the corridors to Kovacs’ goal. It is indicative that the next good moment of the match for the Northern Suburbs team came in 71′ with Teixeira’s spinning header going wide. After that, Volos had a short burst, gaining meters on the field, threatening with successive corners, but also with Garcia’s shot in the 75th minute that stopped in the bodies.

In the last part of the match, Kifissia he pressed, looked for the longed-for goal, but without being able to threaten substantially, apart from the 89′ phase with Tsanatzia’s good shot. Somehow, the match ended without a winner, with both teams tied for nil.

MVP: Among the protagonists of the match was Kalogeropoulos, who was excellent in the center of the Volos defense, clearing many phases for his team.

The… whistle: Konstantinos Poulikidis had to manage a match with a lot of nerves and a lot of tension, both outside and inside the playing field. In total he issued 7 yellow and three red cards, both to members of Volos for protests.

The elevens:

Kifissia (Kostas Bratsos): Anagnostopoulos, Gobelic (83′ Jovancic), Teixeira, Tsapan, Milicevic, Tsanatzia, Soloa (66′ Sneijderland), Menendez, Bifuma, Tettei, Klonaridis (66′ Iliev).

Volos (Angel Lopez): Kovacs, Alho, Aslanidis, Kalogeropoulos, Mygas, Glavcic (45+1′ Rasic), Barrientos (53′ Tsokanis), De Camps (53′ Trouige), Koba, Asechnoun (88′ Moraitis), Garcia.

Source: Sport Fm

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