Vroutsis: “Basketball shows the way – The same measures will be applied there as well”


As an example, Greek basketball gives him events such as the Final 8 Yannis Vroutsis at the press conference for the Heraklion event, however, he pointed out that the measures that will be applied to the football stadiums – which are reopening – will also be extended to the basketball ones.

What someone who is involved in and loves sports, its values, its principles, its beauty feels when seeing this image, the beautiful event we will hold in Crete, spontaneously wants to say congratulations, thank you for your great contribution to Greek sports and what we need today at a time when sport is judged for its brutality, here in Greece especially with regard to football. Basketball has raised Greek sports very high with its quality, the strength of the souls of the athletes, the beauty it offers both on a Greek and European level. Today, basketball is the indicator and the compass that Greek sports should have, and here we have succeeded. Contrary to what happened on the occasion of the sad criminal events with innocent people, basketball in a completely different direction, the quality, the beauty of sports, shows how we must lead Greek sports“, said the Deputy Minister of Sports.

With the recent sports law, there are very strict measures. In fact, today coincides with the update on the Final 8, the opening of the football fields again with difficult and very strict measures that we have taken from now on. Today the stadiums open in a different environment. Very severe penalties await anyone who commits sporting irregularities and violence. On March 6th we agreed that all basketball courts should be equipped with modern camera technology as required by law. The Greek state has said that those who do not follow the law will have their stadiums closed. The next date, April 9, which initially concerns football, concerns the identification of tickets, which will also be done for basketball. This image of the coexistence of all the teams, unique, special and you deserve many congratulations for lifting up Greek basketball, let’s keep this beautiful image and the hashtag you have up there #einaigiοrti, let’s keep it. Yes, basketball and sports are a celebration in Crete. This is the image we should all give to Crete“, he added.

For his part, the general secretary of sports, George Mavrotashe said: “I may come from polo, but the beacon of Greek sports is basketball. From this we were all inspired to bring the successes later. From 1987 onwards both at the collective level and at the level of national teams. I’m happy to see men and women on equal footing with a final involving both cards. Completely agreeing with the Minister and the president, I will say that it will be a celebration of sports in Heraklion. Thousands of kids get the passport to enter sports from basketball and we have to show that to the outside. We have teams that can provide spectacle and exciting matches. We will give them from February 15 to 18. Good luck to the teams and to all of us to enjoy a very nice spectacle».

Source: Sport Fm

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