Through e-gov, citizens will be able to make appointments for NHS hospitals from July, he emphasized, speaking in radio of SKAI 100.3The Deputy Minister of Health Marios Themistokleous.

Referring to the unified list of surgeries, he emphasized that it began to be implemented from February 1.

As he said in our country, we have 102,000 cases waiting for surgery. Of these 45,000 are waiting less than four months, however 55,000 citizens wait between four and 12 months while there are also cases of waiting more than 12 months for a surgery.

The Deputy Minister of Health underlined that a fund of approximately 60 million euros has been secured from the recovery fund for the afternoon surgeries in order to reduce the cases that are on the waiting list without any burden on the citizen.

“Whoever is on the surgery list will be served on a priority basis and will not pay anything,” emphasized Mr. Themistokleous.

He clarified that the prioritization of the incidents will begin from the oldest, i.e. the incidents that have been pending for more than 12 months will be served first.

According to the deputy minister, in the afternoon surgeries beyond the waiting list, the citizen will pay a price which will certainly be much cheaper if he had the surgery in a private clinic.

He made it clear that no patient for oncological surgery has a waiting period in our country.