Panathinaikos AKTOR “sunk” AEK Betsson even more and showed that he is ready for the Final-8!


He passed comfortably through Ano Liosia o Panathinaikos AKTOR!

His team Ergin Ataman won with a score of 89-69 AEK Betsson and returned to the positive results in Stoiximan Basket Leagueshowing that he is in very good condition ahead of the new match with the Union for the Final-8 of the Cup (15/02).

In this way, the “greens” rose to 17-1 and remain in first place, while on the other hand the “yellow-blacks” fell to 7-11 and are tied with Colossus of Rhodes in 7th placewith a place in the top six ahead of the third round looking increasingly difficult!

Competitively, the match cannot be criticized, with the visitors completely dominating from the first to the last period. Nevertheless, the encounter was episodic. Initially, Matias Lessor was injured and limped off the court, causing concern among the “green” ranks, although he eventually returned to the match without anything serious.

In addition, at 6:33 before the end of the third period, there was a ten-minute stoppage in the match, initiated by Vasos Tsarouha due to abusive slogans against her! Finally, shortly before the finale, a friend of the home team fell from the upper deck, causing concern about his health.

From a statistical point of view, the leader of the winners with 19 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists was Kendrick Nunnwhile from 10 points the Jerian Grant and Dinos Mitoglou, with Ergin Ataman giving several breaths. From the hosts, he tried with 15 points and 5 assists o Jordan McRae.

The match

AEK Betsson opened the scoring in the game and took a 3-0 lead thanks to his shot McRae from the corner, while he also hit from close range for 5-1. Grant put the first one inside the visitors’ field, while o Mitoglou hit a long shot for 7-5. McRae, who was excellent in the first few minutes, made another basket, while Grigonis nailed the other end and Grant tied the game at 9-9. Mitoglou cut Morgan and o Lessor on the other side, he put Panathinaikos AKTOR in front for the first time with a goal foul (9-12). Randle cut back for Union, but Nunn responded after another good save from Lessor. The Frenchman traded jabs with him Kouselogloubefore o Grant put the first three-pointer of Panathinaikos AKTOR for 13-19. Mitoglou took the baton and in his turn hit from a distance, while o Grigonis did the same for 13-25. Nan and Karabelas exchanged long shots for 16-28 in the first quarter.

In the second period, Hollins made a steal and scored on a layup, while the Vildosa answered the other side for 18-30. AEK reacted and reduced it to 22-30 thanks to baskets from Morgan and Kouseloglou, with the “greens” being disorganized during this time. THE Kalaitzakis scored 7 consecutive points and restored the big difference for the guests, writing 22-37. THE Yes T was fouled but missed the shot, while Huacho made two shots to make it 24-39. McRae again dropped to 26-39, but the Antetokounmpo he nailed impressively and later made a shot for 28-43. McRae and Moraitis traded shots from the line for 30-45, while Union tried to fight back, cutting it to 34-46 with Morgan and Randle. THE Nan scored a layup at the end of the half, which ended with a score of 35-48.

AEK Betsson entered the second half strong with two three-pointers in a row Yes T cut it to 43-52, before Randle hit another to make it 46-54. THE Morgan brought the Union even closer (48-54), but the Grigonis answered with a 3-pointer and Nunn made a shot to make it 48-58. After the temporary stoppage, Nan signed 48-60 with a mid-range shot, while also two-putting for 50-62. THE Grant with a three-pointer from the corner brought the guests back to +15 (50-65). THE AEK Betsson reacted and reduced it to 53-65 with a terrific dunk in front of Nan, while Panathinaikos AKTOR responded with consecutive shots and escaped again with 15 (53-68), before the end of the third quarter.

At the beginning of the last period, Nan brought the match to 53-70, while Karabelas reduced it to 56-70 with a three-pointer. Juancho responded with a nice attack on the basket, while Vildosa with a floater brought the match to +18 (56-74) for the first time. THE Netzipoglou cut from the corner, but Nan answered him and wrote 59-77. THE Agravanis made a foul shot to cut it to 64-79 for the home team, but consecutive 3-pointers from Vildosa and Huacho shot the difference to 22 points (63-85). From then on, time was not enough for the hosts and Panathinaikos AKTOR took the victory.

The quarters: 16-28, 35-48, 53-68, 69-89

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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