Tsiloulis to SPORT FM 94.6: “We gave our soul to Leoforo, the point against Panathinaikos is like a victory”

Tsiloulis to SPORT FM 94.6: “We gave our soul to Leoforo, the point against Panathinaikos is like a victory”

Overjoyed, grateful, but also grounded, he appeared Sotiris Tsiloulis to News Bulletin 247 the day after Lamia’s draw with Panathinaikos at Avenue.

Speaking on his show Sotiris Tabakou to News Bulletin 247, “Attack from the back” referred to the result and the warm reception of the world after the draw in the “Ap. Nikolaidis»: «We thank the people, who waited until late to congratulate and deify us. It was a sacrifice of soul by us. It was very difficult playing at the home of Panathinaikos with ten players and while we were behind in the score. I’m proud of my teammates, we proved that nothing we did during the season was a fluke. Since last year, when the coach came, we have been on a championship course, we have made the metal of a winner. If someone told us we’d be in contention for a playoff spot, it would have seemed like a pipe dream.».

On the key point of the match, he pointed out: “Panathinaikos was coming from the match for the Cup, so we knew that he would be tired and that for this reason he would want to finish it quickly. So, it was a key point that we withstood the pressure of Panathinaikos, while we were lucky to take the lead with Carlitos’ goal. If we continued with eleven players, the game would be in our favor as time went on. It was an incredible effort, the point was like a victory for us».

For his own presence and progress, he showed that he continues to walk with his head down as he stated: “I owe a lot to the team and the coach, I know him very well. He is a coach who gets 110% from his players. I am very happy to distinguish myself through the effort of the whole».

In addition, he was asked to comment on the presence of Carlitos and Tosic in the Leoforos match, but also in general:Karlitos gave us great quality, as did Tosic. Tosic has had a huge career and nothing is accidental. It is a blessing to be in this group of football players».

Source: Sport Fm

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