Buckingham Palace sources have ruled out Prince Harry returning to the royal family, saying there is “no turning back” for the duke despite flying to the UK to be by his father’s side after the king’s cancer diagnosis

In particular, palace sources insisted there is “zero chance” the duke will step in to help the monarchy as King Charles undergoes cancer treatment and the Princess of Wales recovers from abdominal surgery.

Yesterday, sources said the Duke of Sussex – who has stepped down from 2020 – would be keen to return and take on a temporary royal role to support his father during his illness.

People close to the royals have revealed that Harry, who is fifth in line to the throne, and Charles had several “warm moments” during the duke’s visit to Clarence House on February 6.

But palace sources told The Sunday Telegraph there was “no turning back” for Harry, who said in an interview in the US this week that he believed the King’s illness could help bring his family together.

It is understood that the terms of the Sandringham Summit, which detailed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s exit from royal duties, are still in place, ruling out a ‘half in, half out’ approach to the monarchy.

Meanwhile, there are no reports that the 39-year-old duke and his 75-year-old father discussed the deal in their 30-minute meeting, which was also attended by Queen Camilla. A source said: “Those terms were quite clear and the King’s illness has not changed that.”

The Sandringham Summit was discussed in detail between Harry, the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles and Prince William.

Another palace source also told the Mirror that there is “no chance” of Prince Harry returning as his brother would not allow it because he believes his brother and Meghan are “not trustworthy”.

The same source told the newspaper that “it is absolutely and categorically clear that William would not allow Harry to return.”

“There is zero chance of Harry returning in any capacity.”

Harry reportedly told friends he would be returning to Britain to help with royal duties while his father undergoes cancer treatment.

However, according to another claim on Saturday night, members of the royal family said palace aides had banned the Duke of Sussex from having close contact with the king as they feared they would “never get rid of him”.

“Harry came to see his father, expecting to go to Sandringham. Instead, he was asked to be at Clarence House and the meeting was limited to 30 minutes,” the source told The Sun on Sunday.

“The fear was that if he went to Sandringham he would never get rid of him.”

Prince Harry, who stepped down as working king with his wife the Duchess of Sussex in 2020, is a counselor of state but is not expected to take on any of the king’s duties while he recovers.