Vezenkov: “I was hoping we’d come home with the Euroleague – I don’t think I’ll be going to Kaunas again anytime soon”


He can be competing since last summer on his “shiny” floors NBAhowever the Sasha Vezenkov he doesn’t forget the Euroleague.

The Bulgarian forward was hosted at EuroLeague Fantasy Podcast where it was mentioned among other things in last year Final Fourbut also his choices in the Fantasy game of the top European competition.

In fact, he mentioned that he still thinks about the lost title in the last season from Real Madridwhile he expressed his belief that he will not soon go to the Kaunas.

What Vezenkov said in detail:

For the EuroLeague MVP title: “It’s one of those moments you live once in your life. For people who win it many times it’s different, but especially if you win it for the first time it feels amazing. I was hoping we would win it all and go home with the trophy. It is a memory we have to live with. I don’t think I’ll be going to Kaunas again anytime soon.”

On whether he takes players from Olympiakos in Fantasy: “I take players from Olympiakos. A couple of times I’ve taken Alec (s.s. Peters), a couple more I’ve taken Nikola (s.s. Milutinov) or Mustafa (s.s. Fal) it depends on who was injured as I said. And 1-2 times Thomas (s.s. Walkup) or Isaiah (s.s. Kanan). I prefer to have a core and change from there.”

For the rest of his in-game options: “I started with Toko (s.s.) Sengelia from the first moment until he got injured. Shane Larkin was my choice. I usually had Tavares too until he got hurt. Since this happened I have changed the positions of the tall ones every week. Then I have Chima Moneke who is playing fantastic and from there it depends. I’m trying to find some cheap options, low budget like Vanja Marinkovic. Before Moneke I was picking Nigel Hayes-Davies who was a long time member of my team. I also tried Pierre because I thought he would play more but he also hit. I’ve always wanted Mike James but I never did and I don’t think I’m doing the right thing because Mike plays incredible.”

Source: Sport Fm

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