Czech coach for Greece: “It will also depend on the referee if we win”


A competitive one Czech republic the coach of the team wants to see Friday in the SEF against Greece for the Eurobasket qualifiers, Diego Ocampo. In fact, the Spanish coach emphasized that the result of the upcoming match will also depend on the refereeing.

We are in a difficult group, the players are tired from the Cups, but the positive thing is that the best players will come after the Euroleague stopped as well. We only have three days of preparation, but that goes for everyone. We have a competitive roster to face Greece, which has 11 Euroleague players and others from the Eurocup or BCL. They have very high quality and experience. It will be a challenge for us to be competitive. It will be important for us to endure mentally and physically throughout the match. If we manage to win it will depend on us, the opponent and the referees (laughs). But we only focus on ourselves“, he said.

About the training battle with Vassilis Spanoulis he said:I have watched Spanoulis as a coach. He has a good run with Peristeri in the BCL and in the league. He plays a lot of pick and rolls and likes good traffic. He has a lot of experience as a player and knows how to handle them, on and off the field».

Regarding the absence of Jan Vesely, he said: “We have to respect that he’s had some injury issues and it’s understandable that he wants to rest, but I want to talk about the players who are here».

Source: Sport Fm

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