Red Star President: “Ivanovic wanted Bielitza instead of Moneke and Toby instead of Davies”


In this year’s design Red Star mentioned the Neboisa Covic.

The president of the “red and white” revealed that this year’s budget is in total 15 million eurosafter 12 million euros of which concern the contracts of the players and the coaching staff.

From then on, the “strong man” spoke separately about his choices Dusko Ivanovicwho was then replaced by Yannis Sfeiropoulos on the bench.

Specifically, Covic revealed that the Montenegrin coach had rejected him Chima Monekewhich he now has at Baskoniafor his sake Nemanja Bielicawho did not play due to injury, but also the Mike Tobey instead of Brandon Davis her Valencia.

The budget for the players and coaching staff this year is close to 12 million euros. If we add the travel and all the rest, it is close to 15 million euros. This is a 20% increase compared to last season“, initially stated Neboisa Covic.

For the acquisition of Nemanja Bielica:Bjelica was Dusko Ivanovic’s choice. He chose Bielitza and not Baskonia player Csima Moneke. He also picked Mike Toby over Brandon Davis».

On the rumors of talks with Mateus Ponitka:Ivanovich spoke to Ponitka first. She agreed on everything with him, except the financial one. This was done and after several days she could not contact him. And then, he went to Partizan, although he had said he was looking forward to playing for Ivanovic. Apparently he would have said the same to the coach of Partizan».

Source: Sport Fm

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