De Rossi: ‘One win too much… Roma, we almost had a heart attack – I’m holding back from jumping into the stands’


He gave a recital at the press conference after Roma’s epic qualification over Feyenoord on penalties Daniele De Rossi.

The Italian coach of the “Gallorossi” stated that the way the qualification came was very… Roma, after nearly causing multiple heart attacks. At the same time, he emphasized that he holds himself from jumping into the standsas he did at 25 as a footballer.

“It’s great to remember everything that happened tonight. It was my first European night in Rome in this role. I’m very happy it ended like this, I think it was deserved considering everything we did throughout the match, especially in the first half”was his initial commentary on the match.

“It was a very romantic way to win, causing heart attacks! I think we’ve shaken off the fatalism a bit. We’re not the bad guys, we’re starting to win, we’re a good team in a great stadium, I’m happy”he continued.

For Svilar who scored two penalties and gave his team the qualification: “He is strong because now he has the support of the whole team, he plays more regularly and he is also supported by Rui Patricio, who is a great person, I want to point that out. I know people say penalties are a lottery, but it’s not just luck, because he works hard, studies the opponents, has quick reflexes, so he knows what he’s doing and that puts luck on your side.”

For the celebrations at the finale in front of the horseshoe of the organisers: “I had to thank the fans. I feel a bit ashamed to do it now as a coach, it was easier when I was a player, but I was called. Even before the game, when we were on the bus here, as soon as I set foot on the ground, there were so many people. They gave us such support and affection, a huge outpouring of love. I try to be as cool and low-key as possible, but I don’t want them to think I’ve changed too much. I’m holding back from jumping into the stands like I did when I was 25, also because I wouldn’t be able to get there now!”

Source: Sport Fm

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