With full absenteeism, the mission of Aris for the showdown with Volos


Aris, with his coach, announced his preparation for his away match against Volos (25/2, 7:30 p.m.). Aki Manzioto announce the mission.

The Greek technician will not have both available to him Fabianowho has not overcome the injury that plagued him, as well as him Montoya, who stayed out to rest. At the same time, they were left out of the mission Ducouret, Pardo, Rs, Matarita, Seduction, Christodoulopoulos and Dominant.

The mission of Mars in detail:

Questa, Houtesiotis, Odubazzo, Ferrari, Fatore, Brambetz, Roz, Veleth, Darinda, Verstrate, Zul, Dzouracek, Manu Garcia, Suleimanov, Zamora, Saverio, Bennett, Moron, Ansarifard, Fetfajidis and Panagidis.

At the same time, after the completion of training, the “yellows” of Thessaloniki cut her off as well New Year’s cake them, in his presence Theodorou Karipides. The three flags went to the club, the academies and the young Agorastos, with the PAE strongman addressing the footballers, telling them: “Be healthy and give your soul to win the Cup that the world is waiting for, while in the Playoffs it is within our capabilities to claim the fourth place”.

Source: Sport Fm

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