“We have a president and we recently elected him, so there is no need for another election,” emphasizes Pavlos Polakis, in his Facebook post. He emphasizes that Tsipras’ intervention was “untimely and wrong”. “He should have come to tell the conference. It triggered a crisis that was not needed,” he says.

At the same time, he calls on Olga Gerovasilis to withdraw her candidacy for the presidency.

In another part of his post, he notes that “no one has a blank check”, adding that “we will all be judged in the European elections”.

His post in detail:

1) We have a president and we recently elected him, so there is no need for another election.
Let’s go united and strong for the European elections.
Because the people have growing problems, Mitsotakis is selling out the country and must fall before he destroys everything.
2) The intervention of Alexis, who should have come to tell the conference, was untimely and wrong. He triggered a crisis that was not needed! Olga must withdraw her candidacy!
3) No one has a blank check, WE WILL ALL BE JUDGED in the European elections!
That is why we need a collective political function and less exposure of our personal choices.
Politics is not played in terms of individual decision, nor only in terms of social media, but with a strong political center that plans and outlines tactics and strategy.
4) Without a STRONG SYRIZA-PS, no victorious Progressive faction will be built.
Whoever plans, on paper, reunions of the defeated and injured after the European elections is simply DEEP NIGHT!!
5) For this conference tomorrow as the highest decision-making body must decide NOT TO HOLD ELECTIONS FOR PRESIDENT!
To vote en masse for the positions and the 4 axes that Stefanos described in his speech and to throw ourselves collectively into the battle of the European elections for a winning result!
“However dark and gloomy it may be
she will be found the day after tomorrow when the sun shines”
Hey, I’m taking it now because I spoke on the subject of Health and tomorrow morning, since the voting will start at 11.30, I won’t have time to speak!