Demis: “If I were Tsiloulis I wouldn’t say anything and play, I don’t see anything wicked anyway – AEK is on the rise”


His revelation Leonida Vokolou after her game Lamias with AEK for his transfer Sotiris Tsiloulis in “Union”, commented o Demis Nikolaidis.

So, speaking on the “Monday FC” show, he explained that he doesn’t see anything sinister. Noting, however, that he would not say anything in the position of the 29-year-old ace and would play normally, to score a goal, as in all games.

First of all, why would he say that? Tsiloulis signed for AEK, which agreement the team knows about. He has every right to agree once he is free. Nothing wrong has been done here. So he could play all the matches and no one would announce it anywhere. But now, the play-offs are coming and if Lamia is there, what happens? Will Tsiloulis not play against AEK? Or because he has agreed with AEK not to play? Why should he say that he agreed with AEK? There is nothing wrong with the deal. AEK wanted a player, the player can legally agree and everything is fine. But now that it is known and the player did not play.

On the other hand, to go and say it, maybe he wanted to be honest or he was afraid of leaking something. Maybe that’s why he said it. If you’re a coach and he tells you the day before, it’s like he’s asking you to protect him. Vokolos could only lie there. He will either tell the truth or lie. What else could Vokolos say? Either the player would have to play or tell the truth.

If I were Tsiloulis I wouldn’t say anything and I would play normally and I would also like to score a goal. And in all matches. But everyone thinks differently. I don’t see anything strange, nothing sinister myself anyway. Because all this happened together with Carlitos, he becomes suspicious. But the deal may actually be done now“, he initially reported.

Afterwards, he praised the appearance of the “yellow-blacks”: “AEK is slowly rising. It starts and brings out the tension we know. They weren’t the team that made 30 finals in the match, but you didn’t think they were a team that could lose the match. He seemed to have the match. He made a few mistakes. Vida’s goal was terrible, it was like a shot. Amazing by Zuber too»

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