Kastritis: “Congratulations to Prometheus, he won justly – Let’s see what condition Katsivelis is in”


THE Prometheus played defense for seminary and snapped the 4-game hitting streak that was being run by Mars in the championship, as a result of which he won (70-57) and became the boss again in the battle for the top four.

After the match, Yannis Kastritis he congratulated the winners emphasizing that the result was fair, while he talked about what his team did not do well, about the acquisition of Eric Reid but also for his injury Dimitris Katsivelis.

His statements in detail:

For the defeat in Patras: “Prometheus started the game much better than us. We were slow to get into the spirit of the game. Our task became even more difficult with the injury of Dimitris. The lads tried, we got back into the score twice but it seemed difficult to manage the initial handicap that Prometheus had from the start of the game. Congratulations to Prometheus, he won fair and square. Good luck in their European competitions as well. We also have a European game, we have to see what state Dimitris is in and work to present ourselves thirsty and fight for every possession, after three days”.

On whether the two teams were affected by a multi-touch game: “We know each other as a team, very well. We expected a physical game, as it happened. We should make smarter decisions in our attack. It’s all a process, we weren’t where we needed to be in terms of pace. We worked hard during the break and we are confident that we will be back to our standards soon.”

About Eric Reid Jr.: “For us the priority is the game against Prometei, where he cannot compete. We are very saddened by Dimitris’ injury. We’ll have to manage the next matchup and then bring Eric in. We are a team based on chemistry and homogeneity.”

Source: Sport Fm

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