He broke Nottingham’s curse at 90’+9′ and Liverpool sent a title message!


From 1984 had to defeat Liverpool in an away league match against Nottingham Forest and for… 99 minutes of the match it seemed that the negative streak would be extended.

However, one Nunes’ header in the 9th minute of stoppage time redeem the “reds”, who they prevailed 1-0 and they escaped to +4 from Manchester City, with one match more!

Jurgen Klopp’s team short-circuited at the City Ground and in some cases risked finding themselves behind on the scoreboard, with his company Costas Tsimika (entered in the 84′) to intensify its pressure in the last minutes.

It all looked in vain, until McAllister collected the ball after a clearance by the Greek full-back and crossed, only to find Nunez. The Uruguayan touched it as much as he needed to give it a trajectory to the net and give the visitors a title victory, breaking a 40-year curse!

In London, Tottenham was imposed 3-1 (77′ Werner, 80′ Romero, 88′ Son – 59′ Eze) with a reversal of Crystal Palace and was close to the top four, while Chelsea avoided the worst by equalizing in the final minutes in 2-2 her Bradford Away. The “blues” took the lead with Jackson in the 35th minute, the “cherries” overturned the situation with Rousseff (50th minute) and Wisha (69th minute) and finally Disassi shaped the final result in the 83th minute.

A great upheaval was also taken by West Hamwhich was imposed 3-1 (62′ Zouma, 90+1′ Sucek, 90+5′ Alvarez – 56′ Beto) by Everton away from home.

Finally, wide home victories were celebrated by Newcastle and Fulham, who won 3-0 against Wolves and Brighton respectively.

The schedule for the 27th matchday:

Saturday (2/3)

Everton-West Ham 1-3

(56′ Beto – 62′ Zouma, 90+1′ Sucek, 90+5′ Alvarez)

Brentford-Chelsea 2-2

(50′ Rousseff, 69′ Guicha) – 35′ Martines, 83′ Disassi)

Newcastle-Wolves 3-0

(14′ Isaac, 33′ Gordon, 90+2′ Libramento)

Nottingham Forest-Liverpool 0-1

(90+9′ Baths)

Tottenham-Crystal Palace 3-1

(77′ Werner, 80′ Romero, 88′ Sean – 59′ Eze)

Fulham-Brighton 3-0

(21′ Wilson, 32′ Muniz, 90+1′ Traore)

Luton-Aston Villa (19:30)

Sunday (3/3)

Burnley-Bournemouth (15:00)

Manchester City-Manchester United (17:30)

Sheffield United-Arsenal (22:00)

The schedule for the next (28th) matchday:

Saturday (9/3)

Manchester United-Everton (14:30)

Wolves-Fulham (17:00)

Crystal Palace-Luton (17:00)

Bournemouth-Sheffield United (17:00)

Arsenal-Bradford (19:30)

Sunday (10/3)

Aston Villa-Tottenham (15:00)

West Ham-Burnley (16:00)

Brighton-Nottingham Forest (16:00)

Liverpool-Manchester City (17:45)

Monday (11/3)

Chelsea-Newcastle (22:00)

More in a while…

Source: Sport Fm

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