Verstappen: “It was even better than we expected – Great start to the year”


The apathetic Max Verstappendominated his GP Bahrain and took the victory in the first race of the season, sending an early message that he has no intention of… braking!

After the race, the Dutch pilot expressed his great satisfaction with the result, stressing that it was even better than his expectedwhile reporting that she felt unexpectedly good in her car Red Bullwhich he deified.

In detail what he said:

For his win: “Unbelievable. Today was even better than we expected. The car had a good driving feel with every type of tire. We had a very high competitive pace. It was very enjoyable to drive today, we stayed out of any kind of trouble. It’s a great start to the year, I mean it couldn’t have been better. I had a lot of fun, I felt really good in the car. It’s always very special to have days like this, because they don’t come often and it doesn’t always happen that everything is perfect, and you feel at one with the car.”

For the progress of the match: “The start was good. Of course the first turn is a very tight hairpin, so naturally you want to defend from the inside to be safe. And that’s what we did. And then, basically, we dedicated ourselves to our own fight. We took good care of our tires, which is an advantage here, and I did my race. We still have a lot to learn about tires, how they behave. We will look at all the details of how we can improve, especially in the single-lap speed.”

Source: Sport Fm

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