New information about the activities of the Serbian mafia in Greece is coming to light. The criminal group, part of which was dismantled a few 24 hours ago, allegedly committed four murders on Greek soil in 2020, in Vari and Corfu.

According to her report ERT, a key role in the execution of the four members of the rival criminal organization “Skaljari” in our country, was played by an unidentified person, nicknamed “Zemo”. According to the information, he is the person who collected information and passed it on to the members of “Kavac”. He also recorded the movements of his targets with photographs.

The dialogues of the executioners of Vari presented by ERT are typical:

– Not in this shop, but in this tavern that I gave them.
– “Sit” her down.
– We are at the fast food restaurant.
– There to meet at the fast food restaurant, I said.
– The fast food restaurant is 500 meters away, let’s crawl next to the tavern immediately.

The dialogue after the execution

– They are finished.
– It’s over, guys, it’s over, guys.
– So best man, so best man.
– Yes brother.
– We gave them the penalty, my brother.
– Let’s go, best man, let’s go
– I’m going to have a heart attack, wait, take it easy, it’s getting dark. Do you swear to your mother that L. is “gone”?
– And S. and L.?
– Yes Yes.
– The woman threw herself at D., I hope she didn’t eat it too.
– 12 on L’s head.
– S. jumped on his pistol and J. finished him off standing.
– The first is F. skinned L. with one shot, S. jumped to his pistol and J. shot him two from the side.