Athanasiou: “The great image of Panathinaikos is problematic, only with an excess of the title – Bernard would turn it all by himself”


For one… consistently problematic Panathinaikoslatelywhich will now need a large one excess to win this year’s championshipNikos Athanasiou spoke, through him News Bulletin 247.

It is not only the two hours of Panathinaikos in Crete, it is more valuable to read the big picture. Of the last period, where in 4 games he has thrown 6 points, not in a derby. When you don’t beat Lamia, Kifissia and OFI, while you have the strongest motivation… He was first after Serres and managed to start the playoffs fourth and at -4. His image is problematic. I take the first 35 minutes with OFI, from that point on he probably gave his best performance, he suffocated his opponent. He pressed, gave the feeling that sooner or later he will score, but he did not succeed. It was more of a bad night thing. In the phase with Cherin I see that there is nothing, while I do not remember another time when there are two such conflicting replays. Of course, there is also the phase in the final, from what I have seen, Lukao hugs the ball, plays a volley and it is a penalty but it is not awarded. He now needs a breakthrough to win the championship“, he noted among other things.

At the same time, the station’s reporter described her issue as a football issue of non-use of Aitor by Terimpointing out however that he can’t understand why he is permanently out of commission of the “clover” lately.

Athanasiou noted that Bernard went to film yesterday’s match by himself for Panathinaikos, as the Brazilian midfielder wants to win the championship and shows that he is a leader.

And he spoke of a very important draw, regarding that of the playoffs, for the “greens”, which, obviously, they don’t want to play an away derby on the first matchday.

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Source: Sport Fm

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